Turtle Soup: Seconds (2013)

Track Listing:
1. Icarus (feat. Metamorphosis)
2. For Once
3. Dark Side Within
4. On The Breeze
5. Keepin' It Fresh
6. New Favorite Band
7. Someday (feat. Tim Palmieri)
8. Barry White
9. Huego Latino
10. Cannibal

Produced by Jeff Mahajan
Mastered by Tom Ruff

Recorded and Mixed using 100% Solar Power!


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Turtle Soup (2009)

Track Listing:
1. Baby Don't
2. Changin'
3. Crumble
4. Crazy Legs
5. Jess
6. Trials of Life
7. Wiseman
8. Run
9. Thunder
10. 5 Minutes Left
11. Automatic Trance Mission

Produced by Jeff Mahajan
Mastered by Tom Ruff

Press Reviews

Nominated for Studio Album of the Year - Homegrown Music Network

"Tightly wound guitar and guitar synth meshes with keys, vocals, bass and drum to create savory recipes that are appealing and constantly shifting." - J. Evan Wade, Homegrown Music Network (July 2010)

"Combining the technical prowess of jazz with the energy of rock and funk, they effortlessly add to their passionate, exhilarating jams with 3-part vocal harmonies and blazing dance grooves. " - Relix Magazine (July 2010)

"With Turtle Soup's latest full-length release, the Monmouth County-based jazz-funk project is carving a warm, infectious groove straight into the heart of the jam-band inner circle"
- Steven Bove, Asbury Park Press (Jan 23, 2009)

"... this latest record showcases a band that’s already seen the light bulb go off over their heads as they step into their own eclectic direction."
- John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly (Feb 18, 2009)

" eclectic mix of melody, funk & rhythm... this band has a lot more to offer than just psychedelic jams."
- Wendy Purcell, The Rag (Apr, 2009)